Our Philosophy

We like to celebrate the unique qualities of our ingredients and products, and it’s this specific way of working that distinguishes top-quality, hand-made products from processed products.
Our method includes paying the utmost attention to three key areas: ingredients, technique, and aesthetics.


Ingredients are a matter of respect. We never scrimp on ingredients, and we’re always on the lookout for new products. We like to focus on quality, not quantity. Our understanding of quality is pretty simple: we are looking for excellence in every little ingredient that goes into our products, because we deeply respect our customers. Our work is driven by a desire to maintain the integrity of our products, without affecting their structure, which is why we believe in using fresh ingredients, and it’s also why we choose not to use artificial or synthetic preservatives.


Observation, study, experimentation, dedication, and passion. Posillipo Dolce Officina’s technique is based entirely around the concept of time. Our technique is the fruit of years of study, the honing of our craft, and the continuous search for innovation. Honing our technique involves adopting a specific model to gather information about ingredients, using the best quality tools, and nurturing the link between reason and love. And our love finds its expression in our hand-made, hand-crafted products. Modern, cutting-edge artisans understand and intercept how peoples’ tastes evolve, allowing them to invent traditional yet innovative recipes.


We know beauty when we see it. We look for it, find it in ingredients in their rawest form, and then enhance it in our baked goods, which we manipulate, enrich, and transform. Our understanding of aesthetics is all about bringing out the best in our products, and using packaging that is both elegant and eco-friendly. Tradition also plays a key role, and innovation helps our products feel modern on the palate.

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